Pure Cotton Travel Towels

Synthetic, Natural, Sand Free, Eco..what's the deal?

Let's take a proper look at the fibres we use and compare them to Sand Free and conventional travel towels. It’s pretty simple stuff really.

Polyester (Sand Free Tech) is a synthetic fibre - made from petrochemicals.

Cotton is a natural fibre - grown by nature.

Polyester & Nylon shed micro-plastics with each wash and every use. The 2021 Australian National Plastics Plan includes these fibres in their aim to have microfibre filters fitted to every household washing machine.

In saying this, we ain't here to scare you into buying our stuff, there's no doubt that synthetic yarns definitely deserve their place in the fabric world. Without synthetic fibres we wouldn't have things like snow gear, tents, technical thermal underwear etc.

But what we are saying, is Cotton is far superior in the world of comfortable fabrics, especially towels. Polyester & Sand Free travel towels exist not only because they pack small, but also because they're extremely cheap to manufacture. 


Towels for Outdoors People, not Outdoors People

In the hardcore outdoor community, there’s a common saying - ‘cotton kills’. This originated from the Alpine and hiking community referring to the fact that cotton holds moisture, a little too well. When you are hiking up Alpine peaks, you don’t want an absorbent fabric (like Cotton) keeping you damp. It’ll cool down your core temperature, make your clothes freeze and literally kill you. So Microfibre, Polyester and other synthetic fabrics step in where Cotton fails.

But a Travel Towel isn’t for people ascending the world biggest mountains. Our Towels are for outdoorsy people that want to pack better, dry more comfortably and know that they’re contributing to less micro-plastics into waterways. 


The Packable Collections

In the never ending quest to pack smarter and travel lighter, without forfeiting comfort, we've loomed a collection of Travel Towels using butter soft cotton yarn. Packing down smaller, drying faster and 100% free from microfibre plastics, Layday towels are nice fit for your pack & our planet. 


Rover Waffle Weave

While traveling or out and about, our Waffle Organic Cotton Towels are as functional as much as they are comfortable. The shallow waffle craters increase absorbency and drying times…while keeping the fabric nice and flat for packability.

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Charter Flat Weave

Flatwoven Cotton - Kind of like that favourite pair of Jeans that got more and more comfortable as they aged, this gutsier option of Journey Towel will become your absorbent travel buddy for years to come. It has a GSM rating of around 250gsm, so right on the button of durability and packability.

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