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About us 

Layday™ is located in the South West corner of Australia. We have over 12,000 miles of coastline with landscapes covering 2.5 million km² . Long distances, empty beaches and isolated journey points is what inspired us to create our packable towel collection.    

Why we exist

For lives in transit there were generally 2 towel options
1) Commercial travel towels - small, made of microfibre (plastic) with an unnatural skin feel. 
2) Conventional beach and bath towels - puffy, hard to pack, slow to dry.


Our Aim

To offer you a better towel option - flatwoven, natural feel, no fluff..and packable. 
Layday towels and blankets improve and promote active, outdoor lifestyles
while making room in your pack for other outdoor essentials.  


About our fabric

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