Swim Spots

With the help of Layday's friends & family, we're setting out to somewhat document the amazing swimming holes here in Oz & around the world. 

We're long time members of the Leave No Trace Community, so we're big believers of not blowing out secret spots. 

But in saying this, most are well maintained by local governments & private companies & they exist to handle like minded swimmers. These are the spots we'd like shared & visually documented for everyone to enjoy. 

If you're dying to share your secret spot photos, we've included the option to upload anonymous spots too. Simply pick the state & don't upload the map on how to get there.

Oh, and each month we're going to pick 1 contribution & pay for a tank of their fuel ⛽️. Like a "thank you for contributing..now get out there and send us another!" Thats a little win win :)  

Thanks for contributing and hope to include your version in our little catalogue of swim spots.   

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