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Transit Soap kit


  • 2 x 100g Australian made Coconut soap
  • 1 x Carrykit - can be used as a super packbale toiletries/travel pouch. 
This soap has been handmade in Western Australia using traditional cold pressed soaping techniques.   
My rich foamy lather doesn't come from synthetic additives, like commercial soaps.
Instead of additives, it's taken;
- hours to mix
- weeks to cure
- a cheese cutter to dice
- an old press to stamp
- real hands to package
This soap also has the added benefit of being a handy saltwater/travel companion because it's made from coconuts - it froths out in saltwater! 
Use it everyday....but more importantly go camp, travel, and wash in the wilderness. 
Ingredients - Coconut (oil), Lye (alkaline) - that's it. 

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