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rover seafoam organic cotton

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Bundle & Save?
  • Super Soft Waffle craters - comfortably wicks straight off your skin. 
  • The pulled back Pantones of Whisky - like the drink, it'll get better with age.
  • 175cm x 85cm | 68" x 33" (big! - lay down & keep your limbs grit free)
  • Highly Packable, 1/3rd the size of a normal towel
  • Flatwoven Certified GOTS™ Organic Cotton
  • Zero Polyester (microplastics)
  • Pre-washed with Sand and Water
  • Double stitched & hem selvedge (natural fringes from the yarn of the towel, not a stitched on decoration)  
  • FSC™ approved cardboard packaging...ideally re-used as a desk pencil holder or cover/hide your friday afternoon office refreshment/beer.

In the never ending quest to pack smarter and travel lighter, without forfeiting comfort, we've loomed a collection of Travel Towels using GOTS Organic cotton yarn. Packing down smaller, drying faster and 100% free from microfibre plastics, Layday towels are nice fit for your pack & our planet

Bundles & Deals 🤝

Lets face it, towels get left behind, stolen by 'friends' etc...

If you've recently been left short a towel or 2, or on the gift hunt, or simply want to trim your pack with less puffy towels, we have some deals that'll make your wallet a touch lighter.