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Cottonpod sleeping bag liner & travel sheet honey

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  • Honey colourway to Camo yourself from the world
  • Gender Neutral
  • Flatwoven Certified GOTS™ Organic Cotton
  • Prolong the life of your sleeping bag & swag by washing only the Cottonpod™ 
  • Increase the insular temperature of any sleeping bag or canvas swag.
  • Built in pillow gusset
  • Foot ties for stability and peg-less line drying
  • Use as an extra layer against mosquito protection in tropical climates
  • Clean sheet peace of mind, no matter where you travel. 
  • Perfect size for both adults and kids.

In the never ending quest to pack smarter and travel lighter, without forfeiting comfort, we've created a small collection of Travel Sheets using GOTS Organic cotton yarn. Packing down small, Layday Sleeping Bag Liners are nice fit for your pack & our planet. 

Bundles & Deals 🤝

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