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Kim Diggs

Kim Diggs || image: Jeff Johnson

25 || Kitty Hawk, NC - currently living between home on the outer banks of north carolina and Ventura, CA.

"Since I was little, all I wanted to do was travel the world, make art, make music and help people".

"Growing up in a tiny town with amazing family and an extremely close community, i'd surf, fish and just create fun whether it was in the middle of a hurricane, a snowstorm or a heat wave".

"I was also taught at a young age to always give back to the people and communities wherever you are blessed to visit. That carried over into my biggest passion of simply helping people. I work closely with multiple non-profits and organizations, using surfing as a tool to do so". 

Describe your ideal Lay-Day

"At home on the beach in the fall with all my close friends and family.. fishing, playing in the water and on the beach with my nephews and nieces".



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