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Cotton Bamboo - why our travel towels are different

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About Travel towels

A Polyester/nylon travel towel will cost you around $20-40, depending on the size.
There's no doubt that synthetic yarns have their place in the fabric world (think outerwear, thermal linings etc).  But in the category that is   drying fabrics - Layday believe’s  a towel should be both packable AND comfortable.


Microfibre travel towels are produced using synthetic fabric, most of the time Polyester and nylon. Although these fabrics travel light and feel soft, the reality of a plastic fabric is that it simply 'holds' water between it's fibres - so zero moisture retention within the fibre. 


You know the feeling of a towel not really drying your skin, even when it 'looks' super absorbent? Check the care label next time and no doubt it'll be made using a synthetic yarn. 
Travelling around using the conventional travel towel you'd find at the local adventure store makes sense - but we think the plastic fabric concept slightly misses the mark. 


A different weave - Laydays Eighty Twenty, cotton bamboo travel towels. 

Laydays Eighty Twenty yarn blend has been introduced after sampling, field testing and travelling with many different towel fabrics. We settled on a blend that's like bathroom comfort made for the outdoors with minimum yarn weights starting at 380g. 
Eighty Twenty is spun with 80% cotton and 20% Bamboo (rayon) cellulose.  This gives our towels a  natural combination of softness, high  absorption and total packability. 



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