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When we designed our packaging, a high priority was to not only make it look good - but make it functional. 

Present the product right and put some thought into the packaging's after-use 

Once a layday towel was unpackaged, we wanted something that was going to..

  1. Not be thrown away
  2. Be durable
  3. Simply carry our stuff well. 

Meet Carrykit - not just a paperbag. 

Carrykit is a multifunctional, drawstring closure carrybag stitched together with a super durable fabric created by Dupont™ called Tyvek®.

It is tear resistant, washable and super lightweight. 

While Carrykit isn't here to replace your full daypack - it just makes it easier to carry quick missions

Here's a few of it's potential uses;

  • On the coast, stash and wrap your phone, keys and valuables and keep them grit free
  • Keep your water bottle seperate from your other nicknacks
  • Place it over your foot to make climbing into your wetsuit a breeze. 
  • Keep the trails and beach clean by using it as a trash removal bag
  • Scoop water from fresh streams using Carrykit as a temporary drinking bladder

With the amount of uses as long as your imagination, we're pleased to offer this as a little bonus for every Layday towel produced. 

Search for layday's Carrykit on social media and tag in your own creative uses. 



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