Care - Layday™



 Dont use fabric softeners.

Fabric softeners might make your towel feel soft but it actually inhibits the drying capability of our yarn. Think of it like coating the yarn with a waxy kind of might make it feel nice, but it'll be smearing water instead of soaking it up.  

Our Taylored fringes.

Once our towels are fresh off the loom - they're folded, irened flat and then hand stitched to seal the edge. Naturally there's going to be the odd horizontal yarn that comes away. Don't stress that your towel's going to's simply a few lose strands that'll come away for the first few uses. 

Don't lay it on Jaggard surfaces.  

Just common sense this one.

We're all for basking on a warm rock, but if it's one of the jaggard, really rough kind of rocks....find a smoother one. If the yarn catches on something sharp or abrasive it can potentially pull. If this does happen - snip off the dangly bits with some sharp scissors and happy days.  

Wash it, sure, but wash it less.

Washing is generally pretty harsh process. Excess energy || Excess water || Excess effort.

Like any fabric, over washing it won't exactly ruin it, but it'll effect it somewhat. There'll be shrinkage, slight colour fade and general wear and tear.

Just try to do it less. Towelling off outdoors won't get it all that grubby. But if it happens to follow you to the next overnight festival...then definitely wash it. 

A little tip - roll your towel up and stick it in the freezer over night if it's starting to pong. This kills the bacteria. You'll have a fresh (cold) towel, without the pong and you didn't even need to wash/hang/dry - win/win.  

Fresh Water 

If you're near freshwater, dunk the towel a few times, ring it out and hang it close by to dry. This is by far the best way to maintain a healthy cotton yarn.