Timber A frame Display - Layday™

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Timber A frame Display

These A frame shelves were made for our retail partners to help display in store. Not long after they were seen around the place, we started to get online enquiries asking where they could get them. At first we said "Well, they're not for sale, they're for our stores"..which was kind of a silly answer really, because why couldn't we send some out?

So here they are. 

A simple timber A frame shelf display that hold's 6 Layday™ travel towels...or a pot plant...or a photo of your cat. 

*If you're a numbers person. When you buy 3 Layday™ towels...one automatically becomes free. Buy 6, 2 become free etc. So...because 6 fit nice and snug into our shelves we'll ship you one Timber A frame for free when you checkout with 6 (2 of those towels will be free remember!). Happy days. 💃