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7 reasons why cotton for beach towels

May 01, 2015


Cotton is one of the most used textile fibre in every part of the world today. Cotton is also the preferred type of fibre in our beach towels. This is because of the various qualities that cotton fibre possesses...they include the following:

1) High absorbency
2) Incredible wet strength
3) Dyes well
4) Easy to wash
5) Does not lose color
6) Soft
7) Hypoallergenic

To get all technical...the dry weight of cotton fibre has the following chemical composition;

Cellulose makes up 94% of the dry weight. Protein makes up 1.3% of the weight. Pectic substance makes up 1.2% of its dry weight. Wax, ash and other substances make up 0.6%, 1.2% and 45 of the fibre’s dry weight respectively.

Cotton fibre is also perfect for beach towels because of the high levels of heat that it releases when absorbing moisture.

Moreover, the distribution and sizes of the capillaries and pores within makes the fibre perfect for beach towels. Cotton fibre is more flexible and static in terms of recovery after usage, which is a needed in beach towels.

Cotton fibre is also easy to sterilize (think of towel in your surf tub) while the least likely fibre to cause any form of skin irritation.

Anyways, just a little bit on why Lay-day cotton beach towelsdo what they do. 


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January 23, 2019

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